• Water-release slide-off decal transfer paper for dark coloured, non-fabric, smooth surfaces.
  • Suitable for glass, ceramics, metals, wax candles, soap, etc …
  • Suitable for materials that cannot fit into a heat transfer press or cannot withstand heat.
  • Newly developed DCT 4.5W meant for laser printers without fuser oil.
Size A3 / A4
Quantity Per Box 50 / 100 Sheets
Special Instructions
  • Clean surface of the product before transfer!
  • Trim transfer to final shape/format.
  • Place in cold water for about 30 seconds until transfer film releases from backing paper.
  • Slide the image on the transfer film off the backing paper directly onto the product.
  • Use Rubber Squeegee to squeeze out the water completely from underneath the transfer film by rubbing bullet Over the surface from the center to the sides.
  • Let the transfer dry for at least 6 hours.
  • The better you remove all excess water the better your final result.

The instructions written above are to give you a general guide on how to print using DCT. It doesn’t ensure that this set of operating instructions work with all kinds of products printed using DCT.